My Best and Worst Blogs
I recently analyzed all my blogs to determine the time to write them. In doing so, I read a few. My travel down memory lane inspired me to go back and take a deeper dive into my blogging past.
I have a distinctive writing pattern, and my past works had some writing issues. Of course, that is expected. It also should come as no surprise that I liked some blogs more than others. I thought it would interest my four blog readers to explore my best and worst.

My favorite
I liked this blog because I took an honest look into my shortcomings. It’s essential to understand and face one’s limitations. This blog is strong and still reads well, and I am proud of my creation.

My least favorite
I missed the mark on this blog. While the writing is not too bad, it came off reading like a Wikipedia article. Should I have skipped this topic? Hmm. I wish I put more initial effort into how I wanted to discuss the topic. However, from a high-level view, this blog is not too bad.

Fan favorite:
This blog asks a simple question. Would science fiction change if aliens arrived? I have not seen anybody ask this fundamental question before. Several people read this blog, and I got many great comments.

Most read:
I wrote about creating the sex scenes for my second book. Sex sells and blogs are no different. This blog got the highest number of people who read it. No comments, though. Hmm.
I have recommended my “how to write a book” blog several times and received many positives responses. I suppose this makes these three blogs the most popular. A lot has changed since I wrote those blogs, but the basic principles still apply. If I were to update it, I would have stressed the importance of developing a full plan before beginning the writing process.

Since I began blogging, I rejected many topics. Some topics I felt would not be entertaining, and others were too short. Another problem is that I have to keep remembering that not everybody has read my book. So, I cannot take a thorough analysis of what happened in chapter three.
In future blogs, I want to explore motivation and the essence of the story. I also want to provide more information about my book’s content, so I might entice potential blog readers to click “buy it now.”
On that same note, you can do that right now.

You’re the best -Bill
December 02, 2020

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