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I recently finished reading the book, Notes From the Hard Shoulder by James May. It is a collection of short articles about cars and other topics previously published in newspapers and magazines. In reality, James had been blogging for years (in printed form.) Hmm. I could write a book like that…
Back to the blog. I enjoyed the book, but the topics got me thinking. I never write blog entries about cars. Why? This blog is a thinly veiled marketing ploy to get potential readers to click “buy it now.” As a result, I focus on writing and book-related topics.
However, I would like to blog about all kinds of topics. Politics, cars, electronics, life, family, mountain bikes, personal opinions, history, and other random junk. Could I take a day off of literary topics and discuss my first car? Spoiler alert. Her name was Kim… Girrr. I need to focus on being a modestly successful author.
How about a Facebook post or a new blog? Feed my creative side. Girrr. I have enough on my plate. What about bending the rules? A car discussion once a month. While I have only four regular blog readers, that effort would be a dangerous distraction and I cannot allow myself to go down that path. Girrr. I am too focused.
I have lots of writing ground to cover in my blogs and can feed my creative side in my books. For example, many scenes involve cars. Yet, I might try bending a few rules. Perhaps we could discuss cars as characters? Or is that a blog too far?

You’re the best -Bill
February 02, 2022
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