Mellowed Out
Several years ago, I left a caustic company. There were countless issues, and my new company felt like a breath of fresh air. Recently, I got in touch with one of the chief troublemakers and was surprised to see positive attitude changes. He was relaxed, calm, and much easier to talk with. What happened?
As we grow older, our attitudes mellow out. This means we do not stress over the little things and take a casual approach to life. As a result, experience, people skills, and wisdom have increased. Plus, we can see retirement in the near future and do not want to stop that from occurring. As a result, my former coworker was much easier to talk to, and we reminisced about old times.
What does mellowing out have to do with writing? Last week, I found a problem with my website and had to reformat the entire site. While making all the changes, I read over a few old blogs. Wow, these early blog entries had a harsh attitude. Bam! Right to the point. Hit those hot topics. No room for error. Yet, the later blogs read more casual and lighthearted. Clearly, my blogs mellowed out and lost their direct focus.
Did I consciously change my focus? I now realize that writing and blogging are supposed to be fun, which differs from trying hard to hook potential readers at all costs.
Is it wrong to mellow out? Should I still be on the cutting edge? Focus is essential, and this blog is indeed supposed to convince blog readers to buy my book. Without this drive, the point is lost. While this is true, I now enjoy blogging much more.
It seems my future blog posts will not be hard-hitting. That means less pressure but less reader interest. Can there be a compromise? One hard-hitting topic a month? Well… I am past the hard-hitting issues because I feel I have covered this ground. However, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. So stay tuned for future (occasionally) hard-hitting topics.

You’re the best -Bill
February 09, 2022
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