When It Matters
On the first day of preschool, the teacher said something like, “Today, your education begins. From now on, WHAT YOU DO IS IMPORTANT! Pay attention and learn!” Wow! I better shape up.
In kindergarten, on the first day, the teacher said something like, “All that preschool nonsense did not matter. From now on, you will be graded and have a REPORT CARD! Straighten up and try hard, or you will go to the PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE.” Wow! I better shape up.
In grade school, on the first day, the teacher said something like, “Everything you did before does not matter. From now on, your grades will be in your PERMANENT RECORD! If you fail, have to REPEAT THE FIRST GRADE!” Wow! I better shape up.
In Junior High, on the first day, the teacher said something like, “None of that stuff you did before mattered. From now on, your education will shape your entire future. If you fail, YOUR LIFE WILL BE RUINED!” Wow! I better shape up.
In High School, on the first day, the teacher said something like, “For the first time, your education is truly important. If you want to succeed, you need top grades. If you fail in high school, you will GO NOWHERE IN LIFE!” Wow! I better shape up.
In college, on the first day, the teacher said something like, “Nobody cares what you did before. Study hard, and maybe you will graduate. If you don’t, you will be a COLLEGE DROP OUT!” Wow! I better shape up.
At my first interview, the hiring manager asked something like, “Where did you work before? You do not have any REAL EXPERIENCE! Get back to me after you have at least five years of experience.” Wow! I better find a job.
When I had my daughter, the nurse asked something like, “Is this your first child? NO?!” She shook her head in disapproval. Wow! I better shape up.
When does life begin mattering? Did it ever matter? Here is an example of hard work that should have mattered. At my second job, my company purchased a rival company. My job was to integrate their product into our system. During that time, I got to know the product really well.
One day, upper management scrapped that product line. The original team spent endless hours developing, manufacturing, and servicing their product. All their documents, notes, drawings, and great end product were top-notch. Yet, I tossed boxes of handwritten documents into the trash. Management did even feel the documents were important enough to shred. I thought, “Nothing they did mattered.”
Growing up, kids could get away with anything! Even a major crime could be committed, and it would be impossible to learn about the incident.
As an example, in college, two kids got drunk, and they set a bunch of fires. Three of the fires did severe damage. The kids were expelled, paid a fine, and had to do community service. Three years later, I was walking to class, and I ran into one of them. He told me he applied for a transfer. People forget, which means what they did, did not matter.
Now, the internet keeps a record of everything, and cameras are everywhere. It is easy to do an internet search which means that everything we do (good or bad) matters.
We have come full circle. When will people look at me and say, “Bill. You are finally an adult. Great job!” The answer is simple. It always mattered. Should all those teachers and employers have talked down to me? No, but it is human nature to feel superior.
In conclusion, everything we did, learned, failed and succeeded, molded us into who we are. Experience provides the skills to accomplish what we need to do right now.
And what about this very blog? I have learned more about myself, got new writing skills by creating it, and this blog serves as a marketing tool. This blog was a positive step and hopefully an entertaining step for my four blog readers. IT MATTERED!

You’re the best -Bill
July 14, 2021
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