Favorite Characters
When I asked myself, “Which is your favorite book character?” I immediately answered Bod in The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. However, as I thought about my answer, it occurred to me I never truly connected with Bod. Instead, I connected with the excellent story.
After some contemplation, I decided my favorite character is John Wells from the spy novels by Alex Berenson. Why? At the beginning of every book, I honestly wanted John Wells to succeed. In addition, I liked his attitude, outlook, and method of handling problems.
To be complete, I should discuss my favorite movie characters. Luke Skywalker of Star Wars was my first choice. Again, as I thought about that character, I realized that I never truly connected with him. After some contemplation, it came down to two tough choices. Andy Dufresne in Stephen King's The Shawshank Redemption and Westley in The Princess Bride. Both are powerful characters, but I have a greater connection to Andy. Why? We certainly have opposing personalities, but we share a common spirit. I enjoy his eternal optimism and struggle to survive. When re-watching the movie, I still connect with him.
In the stories I created, it was a tough choice, which was my favorite. After some thought, I concluded Grace from Interviewing Immortality immediately was my favorite. We are also vastly different people, but I like her quiet, powerful nature. Her intellect commands respect, and my role models in life have this same trait. I also like her spirit and hidden inner soul.
I should also mention which of the characters I invented are at the bottom of the list. I did not have to think for a long time about this. All my villains have to compete for my dislike. When I write their dialog, I do not have much interest. Yet, I understand that Villains are essential in a story, and I probably should put more thought into them.
Connecting with characters is fun. The more we get emotionally involved, the more alive the story becomes. Of course, connecting with blog readers is also fun!

You’re the best -Bill
July 21, 2021
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