My Daughter Kim
My second book has a lead character named Kim, and two weeks ago, I absent-mindedly called my daughter Kim instead of Kayla. Oops. She looked at me with an odd expression and then asked why.
I suppose it is natural for an author to think of a character is a real person. Everybody occasionally makes crazy mistakes. On the non-injury mistake scale, this one is a lot closer to a one than a ten.
Are fictional characters real? Sort of. A real actor portrays Luke Skywalker. Would it be as acceptable to call my daughter Princess Leia? If we watched the movie together, that might have gone over a bit better.
Does this mean I am a little too close to my characters? It probably means that I have a passion for writing, and my characters are deeply rooted in my mind. Or I am going stir crazy? That might be a better answer. Over the last few weeks, I did not have much human contact due to the quarantine. Perhaps my mistake is a symptom of this issue. Hmm. No, I am just a crazy author who makes mistakes.

You’re the best -Bill
June 17, 2020

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