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Recently, a few people have commented that my blogs have gotten negative. Here are a few recent topics: Writing about superheroes is annoying. Bad book reviews. Complaining about “did.” In looking at these topics, I suppose I have dipped a bit too deep into the dark side. What is the origin of my negativity? In a recent blog:
I revealed that by my 20s I had turned into a very negative person. Since then, I applied a lot of effort to change myself to be a better person. However, a negative aspect of my personality remains, and I should focus more on the positive aspects of life. Granted, this virus quarantine has made my outlook rather dreary.
I have selected several positive topics for my next few blogs. There is a problem with this choice. In the above blog, I delve into the concept that people like negative topics. For example, the recent Avengers movie was full of death, revenge, destruction, and spite. Did people like this movie? It was a worldwide hit with few complaints.
However, the movie would have been more pleasant if the Avengers cleaned up trash on the beach. Thanos could have used his Infinity Gauntlet to move lots of garbage. Everybody wins!
Obviously, that would not be an entertaining movie, but the point is still valid. People dislike constant negativity. A negative discussion goes on forever, a dreary film or a book that does not have a positive plot.
I supposed it would be nice to write about positive topics. No, that not the correct attitude. I will write positive blogs and like them!

You’re the best -Bill
June 24, 2020

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