Pushed to the Edge of Survival is a Fictional 184,000 word survival drama-romance. At present the manuscript is in the final editing process.

In this thrilling sequel to Interviewing Immortality, James is determined to rid himself of murder, torture and the other wickedness surrounding immortality. Who would guess that one of his apartments would turn his life upside down? Her heinous attempt to extort money by scalding her child were so wicked that he convinces himself to harvest one last time; allowing the boy to grow up in a world beyond her wrath.
Of course, this deplorable act would permit James to enjoy the amazing physical and mental benefits resulting from the harvest. He uses this precious gift to travel down an unlikely path; locating his former captor, Grace. James hopes to utilize her 500-years of knowledge to answer the deep life questions that plague his existence. This quest would prove nearly insurmountable, as the secretive Grace takes every precaution to remain secluded.
During this chaotic journey, James encounters three immortals who desire to learn every aspect of his improved harvest technique. They stand out as ruthless, secretive and meek individuals who treat humans like cattle. Once James enters their spiders web, they will not permit him to stray from their watchful eye. To add a final challenge to his already complex life, the immortal Pharaoh Cleopatra instructs him to seek out her deceitful son.
This is a dramatic work of intrigue, confrontation, and complex immortal relationships. The sequel, Saving Immortality will be available soon.

Copyright © 2021 Bill Conrad