Pushed to the Edge of Survival is a Fictional survival drama-romance. It is in formatting and should be out soon.

Gabe hoped a relaxing Alaskan cruise would address his lackluster marriage and build bridges between his daughters. The trip began poorly and went downhill fast. After another pointless argument, he leaned on the ship's railing, staring at the endless empty Alaskan coastline on a cold, moonless night.
Kim had also been enduring a dreadful cruise experience, and she found herself gazing upon the same bleak scenery. A recent breakup with her boyfriend and her parent’s refusal to let her help in their family business dominated her thoughts.
These anonymous passengers struck up an unlikely conversation and were surprised to discover they could advise one another. At the moment of parting company, an intense energy beam cut their cruise ship in half and thrust the pair into the frigid ocean.
It takes every ounce of their strength to struggle aboard a damaged lifeboat. The following morning, the pair find themselves cold and alone on a desolate rocky beach. As their stomachs grumbled, they have no choice but to climb up the punishing rocky cliff and travel deep into the unforgiving Alaskan forest.
Logic-minded Gabe finds it challenging to relate to the far younger, attractive, and confident Kim. Nevertheless, circumstances forced them to trust each other, and together, they overcame every adversity nature threw at them.
From out of nowhere, a bear attacked, which forced Kim to slay the beast. This tragic event shattered their tranquility, and yet it paved the way for passion. However, society forbade their love because of Kim’s age and forced Gabe to accept a prison sentence, allowing her to lead a quiet life free from public scorn. After this shattering circumstance, they picked up the pieces to their separate lives. Only then could their true adventure begin.
This dramatic novel is loaded with adventure, romance, telepathic communication, multifaceted relationships, and science fiction. The sequel,
Pushed to The Edge of Existence, followed by Pushed to The Edge of Reality, will be available soon.

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