Interviewing Immortality is fictional 62,500-word psychological drama. It is available for purchase as an Ebook or in paperback format on Amazon and Kobo.
ISBN: 978-0-692-90908-9
Print Length: 234 pages
Publication Date: July 30, 2017

A-in-all, James led a normal, but uneventful life. He sells appliances at a local electronics store, recently finished a messy divorce and writes dismal fiction in his spare time. One of his books became modestly popular and its meager sales allowed him to sign books one Saturday morning.
In the course of this uneventful day, a striking woman walks up to him, stares menacingly into his soul, and announces, “You will do.” Without another word, she walks away leaving the wayward author stunned by the sudden encounter. Who could have known how very much his life was about to change?
As James walks back to his car, the woman who calls herself Grace, attacks and kidnaps him. Over the next week, he comes to understand that this callous event serves as an introduction into the unscrupulous life of his captor. She demands that he pen a harrowing account of her astounding 500-year preternatural past. In unraveling the layers, Grace compels James to confront his own dishonesties. Then to his horror, she forces him to undergo a murderous medical procedure which plunges him down the path of his own immortal journey.
This is a first-person psychological thriller with intrigue, suspense, and self-confrontation. A sequel, Finding Immortality will be available soon.

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