It's hard enough to close the door on your past. But what do you do when it comes knocking again?
Seattle-based novelist James Kimble is a new man. After acquitting old obligations, he's come clean to his fans and life is looking up. He has a new book out, a stimulating job as a reporter, some savvy real estate investments, and a fresh desire to embrace the land of everyday living.
But when a rogue tenant threatens his livelihood and the authorities begin tossing his place looking for fresh clues to old murder cases, his life quickly spirals into the murky world of moral relativism he was trying so hard to escape.
In a journey across the globe to track down the enigmatic Grace, James Kimble is pursued by immortal players obsessed with the riddle of a longer life. Trapped again in a shadowy world where ordinary life spans do not apply, he discovers the extraordinary lengths some people will go to remain among the living.
Continuing in the genre of first-person psychological thriller, Finding Immortality is the sequel to Interviewing Immortality in the ongoing series by Bill Conrad.

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