Cable Ties is a fictional 109-thousand-word spy drama. At present the manuscript is in the final editing process.

Bat and Jake were doing what they like best; hunting in the forest near their hometown of Clearwater, Georgia. On this fine autumn day, Jake accidentally tripped over a manhole cover and they decided to pry it open. Deep underground they find an immaculate complex full of sophisticated recording equipment attached to highly secure communication cables.
The pair immediately report their discovery to the FBI and incident comes to the attention of its director, Russell Norton. He personally oversees the secret investigation into the most effective and destructive foreign intelligence operation in the history of the United States.
During the ensuing investigation, several books are located that implicate people at the very highest levels of the government including the FBI. To maintain secrecy, Russell instigates the unusual precaution of placing disgraced agent Jeff Kelley in charge of FBI Academy trainees to solve the case.
Jeff is a tenacious individual who quickly forms a ruthlessly effective team who discovers that France and Russia operatives are responsible for an extensive spy operation spanning the country. As the investigation unfolds, Russell must confront the largest case of government corruption that extends to the very highest levels.
This is a classic spy novel that explores the many people involved on both sides of the incident. The sequel, Cable Pairs will be available soon.

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