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The intent of this blog is to have fun and get the word out. To achieve maximum publicity, I publish my blog in three locations: Facebook, Goodreads and my website. These popular sites have many rules that translate to, “Don’t write anything bad or we will remove your content.” Of course, I can do anything I want on my website, but to keep things simple, I mirror my content.
The Facebook and Goodreads lawyers are concerned about offensive material, upsetting their advertisers and legal battles. As such, my blogs don’t contain copyrighted content, swear words, adult themes, horrific descriptions or offensive topics.
My blogs reflect my morals and I not like to push society’s limits or make waves. This results in tame blog topics that are not intended to cause controversy. However, I know that some people go out of their way to be offensive. They do this for shock value, publicity, fun and sometimes they are oblivious to their actions. I am also aware that a chef must break eggs to make a cake and I do occasionally push the limits. For example, I did a blog about intimate scenes and it got a mild reaction.
When determining what to write about, I select topics that inform and introduce readers to my style of writing. I concentrate on the subject of writing and creating my books. While this field might seem narrow, I have lots of material.
In addition to the obvious offensive topics, I also do not write about topics that might alienate my limited fan base. This means that I do not write about economics, politics and trendy news. My personal life is also not included. Why? A big part of my personality desires privacy. The world doesn’t need to know about my family problems or my paycheck.
Would I like to write about other topics? It would be fun to take a deep dive all over the writing map. How about a nice rant about guns? Let’s discuss an elegantly designed IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) miller clamp. Does anybody want to talk about what movie I watched last night? The problem with these topics is that while they may interest me, blogging about unrelated topics would not entice blog readers to click “buy it now.” Bummer.
Why not blog about topical topics? I would love to share my opinion on the world’s problems. I have many great ideas, strong opinions and I believe my efforts would bring improvements. How? By raising awareness, offering new solutions, starting discussions and embracing proven solutions.
Why not have a separate blog? “Bill solves all the world’s problems in six easy steps.” Writing one blog a week is tough enough and I don’t want to add to the cesspool of fake news. Wait a minute. Did I just write about a controversial topic and offer an opinion that could potentially upset readers? Hmm. Plus, the internet already has too many “experts” who “know” how to solve the world’s problems. Side note. Have you read the book “All the trouble in the world” by P. J. O'Rourke? Excellent read.
Even with my narrow topic choices, I still find blogging fun. There are lots of topics I want to explore and my efforts are already paying off. Some future topics will include deep dives into my characters, bad characters, books I have read, book reviews and more about the wonders of self-publishing.
I have gotten a lot out of blogging and I will continue forward for as long as I can. Perhaps I will push the boundaries and explore some bold topics. Stay tuned in for future controversy.

You’re the best -Bill
January 29, 2020

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