Why I Continue to Blog
For many years, I wanted to write a blog, but I didn’t have a good reason to begin. My first book required a marketing tool, and a blog seemed like a good start. With the necessary excuse established, I blindly jumped in.
My blogs concentrate on writing and everything surrounding this effort. Of course, I would like to touch on many topics, but this isn’t the format. Why? This blog is supposed to advertise my writing and perhaps enlighten a few people. Hey, world. If you like my blog, buy my book. Not an impossible leap and my blog has reached several people.
Hey, world, here is a description of an amazing electrical circuit. Now, buy my book about an immortal woman. Yeah. That’s called, “bait and switch.”
Unfortunately, my blogging efforts haven’t provided a huge amount of interest. Why continue? In logical Bill style, please allow me to answer this question.
1) I am not a quitter and I choose to see my quest through.
2) Even with a lot of effort, I’ve not been able to find a better marketing tool. Until I get a few more books out, this needs to be my primary effort. Bummer.
3) I like to share my thoughts and consider this blog to be low budget therapy.
4) For the next 3+ months, I am stuck in a large self-editing effort that prevents me from starting my next book. Why not write a new book in parallel? Even now, it’s difficult to keep the books I am working on separated in my mind. Adding an entirely new book has the potential to introduce lots of issues as well as add delay in releasing my next book. For now, my blog serves as a creative outlet.
5) Writing a blog is rewarding. Every week, I achieve a short-term goal. Plus, I explored some fun topics.
6) Blogging sharpens my writing skills. I recall the movie Finding Forrester with Sean Connery. Sean plays a serious writer/scholar who reads the Weekly World News (A fantasy tabloid newspaper.) He calls this paper desert. I suppose that this blog is my desert. It’s not too serious and not too important. Blogging allows me to explore many topics without rules. If I make a mistake, nobody will post a bad Amazon review.
Which of the above reasons is the most important? Hmm. My heart tells me #1. Yet, as I began writing this individual blog, my thoughts didn’t concern selling books. I enjoy sharing and this blog provides a great outlet. Or should I be honest with myself? I really should pry my wallet open and pay for professional mental help. Online poll anyone?

You’re the best -Bill
December 11, 2019

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