Becoming Successful Will Take a Long Time
I recently read an interview about my favorite band, Rush about their early efforts. It reminded me about how hard they struggled in their early years and made me think of what will be necessary for me to become a successful author.
When I started my writing journey, I had one simple expectation. I would publish a book and people would either appreciate it or not. This would occur when the magic book fairy printed 10,000 copies and put them in bookstores around the world. People would buy it, read it and then tell their friends. The internet now makes it easier. Amazon would digitally sell 10,000 copies allowing me to become an instant success. Yeah… Not so much.
I quickly learned that traditional publishing is dead and Amazon is not in the business of helping new authors. I decided to self‐publish. This required me to do my own marketing, which took me far outside of my comfort zone.
I decided that a major part of this effort would be to get a Facebook page and write a blog. I have been working on getting reviews and contacting people for help. This massive effort has yielded wisps of interest. However, I now see this is going to be a long road and “breakout books” don’t exist. I am left with a long path to success. This will involve writing several books and carefully building my fan base one reader at a time. I anticipate this effort will require at least seven years and eight books. Not a pleasant thought.
I must face the fact that my writing may never be more than a hobby. People play golf, create art and fix cars with the intent of making money. They can work for years without success and remain happy. Still, I would like to be given the chance to become successful. I cling to the belief that a small fan base is possible to achieve.
The Rush interview reminded me that even an amazing band like them did not achieve fame overnight. They spent years on the road traveling in between small venues. In the end, their sacrifice paid off and a wide fan base recognized their talent. The interview also made me see that I need a better long‐term marketing plan that has a better chance of success. Of course, I knew that. What I did not fully appreciate is the amount of time necessary to make it happen.
Yet, the interview provided hope. They appreciated their few fans and appreciated what little fame they had at the time.

You’re the best -Bill
August 14 2019

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