Do I Complain Too Much?
Around age ten, I began having a negative outlook. My parents are positive and happy people so, I am not sure where my negativity came from. Everything sucked, looked stupid, or had a problem. Of course, I complained, looked down on people and generally felt contempt for everything.
Around age seventeen, my friends and family confronted me. So, one day, I made a personal decision to change. I forced myself to withhold negative opinions and act pleasantly. Of course, I still had negative thoughts, and I continued to look down on the world, but I kept these feeling in check.
This change took a lot of effort and there were setbacks, but eventually, I became a positive person. Today, I lead a happy life and I try very hard not to focus on the negative aspects of this wonderful world. If I had not changed, my negative attitude would have prevented successful job interviews, my friends would have abandoned me, and I could never attract a wonderful wife. I am proof that it is possible to radically change one’s attitude.
I got a comment recently about harping too much on grammar. This got me to thinking that my discussions have gone from casual topics to a bullhorn to complain to the English-speaking community. Why are the rules so inconsistent? Why was it such a struggle to learn the basics and not be able to master this essential skill? I now see that I must take a more enlightened view on this topic in my articles.
I often discuss my book marketing difficulties. This frustrates me, angers me, takes up my valuable time and reveals my personal flaws. I suppose it is natural to complain about this topic. Does that mean that I get a pass? Hard to say. Clearly, I am complaining about the system. Our world has yet to embrace Bill the author.
I recently discussed food descriptions and people lying. Yes, this is a deep dive into negative thoughts. I recall Dennis Miller saying on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update, “Now, I don’t want to go on a rant here, but...” He would then lash out at a topic. I found these “humorous discussions” to be funny and insightful. Now, I see it is better to focus on constructive solutions with a positive attitude.
Looking back on these three paragraphs, I can see a trend. Hmm. Well, this is insightful. From now on, I will put more effort into spinning my articles positively. With that in mind, I am positive my grammar needs improvement.

You’re the best -Bill
May 12 2019 Updated April 06, 2024

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