Do I Complain Too Much?
Around the age of ten, I developed a negative outlook on life. My parents have always been and I’m not sure where my negative attitude came from. Everything sucked, looked stupid or had a problem. Of course, I complained, looked down on everybody and generally felt contempt for everything.
Around the age of 17, my friends and family informed me of my attitude problems. One day, I made a personal decision to change my life. I forced myself to withhold my negative opinions and act pleasant. Of course, I still had negative thoughts, and I continued to look down on the world, but I kept these feeling in check.
It took a lot of effort to make this happen and there were setbacks. As time passed, I continued to reserve my negative opinions and eventually, it became natural not to think in harsh terms.
Today, I lead a happy life and I try very hard not to focus on the negative aspects of this wonderful world. I believe if I hadn’t changed, then my negative attitude would have prevented successful job interviews, my friends would have abandoned me and I could never attract a wonderful wife. I am proof that it is possible to radically change one’s attitude.
On the subject of writing, I don’t think that I would have had the desire or skill to write. Authors need to have a good foundation to enlighten readers. Also, a good story requires characters to get into trouble and then pull themselves out. Characters typically require a positive reason behind their motivations. Negative “complain” books hold little market and they get harsh reviews.
Recently I looked at my blog topics and I noticed a trend of complaining. So, let’s explore this concept and see if I need to adjust in my blogging attitude.
One of my central topics continues to be my struggle with Grammar. I consider grammar to be a challenge and I do my best to overcome my shortcomings. Do I complain about Grammar? Proper grammar has been a persistent issue and I do complain about it. However, I choose not to complain about other people’s grammar. Yet, I now find that reading poor grammar upsets me and I see future blog subjects on this topic. That’s something to think about.
I often discuss my marketing difficulties. Marketing is hard and my efforts have been unsuccessful. To make matters worse, modern society loathes unproven new books. This frustrates me, angers me and overall reveals my personal flaws. I suppose it’s natural to complain about this topic. Does that mean that I get a pass? Hard to say. Have I reverted to my negative ways? Clearly, I’m complaining about the system. Our world has yet to embrace Bill the author.
I recently blogged about the topic of food descriptions and how often people lie. Well, I must admit, this is a deep dive into negative thoughts. Dennis Miller used to say on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update, "Now, I don't want to go on a rant here, but...” He would then lash out at a topic that upset him. I always found these “humorous discussions” to be vastly funny and insightful. However, lambasting the problem in a humorous way no longer has the same appeal. I now prefer to clearly identify a problem and focus on constructive solutions.
Looking back on the last three paragraphs, I can see a negative trend forming. Hmmm. Well, this is insightful on a personal level. New goal. My blog will have a more positive focus. Granted, I still have a lot to say about marketing and grammar. I simply will have to pretend to be positive. Now that’s good marketing!

You’re the best -Bill
May 12 2019

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