I Watched the Move Freejack
The movie Freejack came to theaters in January 1992. It starred Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones, Rene Russo, and Emillo Estevez. The movie had an interesting future premise and some interesting racing scenes. I recall looking forward to this movie and watching it opening week. Over the years, I have not thought much about it and I struggle to recall the exact plot. Overall, I would give this movie a grade C. I do not recommend watching it.
If I take an objective approach, watching Freejack did not turn into a special moment. It simply did not hold my interest. Another movie came out at the same time, Robocop. In many ways, they were equivalent movies, but the public liked Robocop.
I consider the time I spent watching Freejack to be a very minor accomplishment in my life. If the sum total of all my accomplishments were added up, this minor event would likely not make the top ten-thousand. Every school math assignment I worked on had a much larger impact. I have experienced far better movies, stories, and television shows. For example, watching Star Wars in 1977 probably made the top 10 moments of my life.
I am sure the people responsible for this movie had great pride in their accomplishment. Mick Jagger might consider his role a substantial lifetime accomplishment. I am sure the producers would greatly appreciate any interest in the film. They would love a reboot, a sequel or to have the rights purchased for millions of dollars.
Why am I blogging about this? Our lives are made up of many minor accomplishments. For example. Going to the supermarket to buy groceries. What is not appreciated in this mundane task is the substantial effort of all the people involved. Stock people, truck drivers, accountants, cashiers, farmers, and quality control.
My reason for blogging about this obscure movie is to point out that a minor event for most people can be a major life accomplishment for others. Now, here is the tie in. I do not want Interviewing Immortality to be your version of Freejack. “I read that book and I struggle to recall the exact plot. Overall, I would give it a grade C. Not a recommended read.” Ahh, now this blog makes sense. I am trying to elevate my book above the noise.
In my case, I struggle to get my book into people’s hands. I want people to become aware of its existence and give it a chance. As a result, people might compare my work to the movie Freejack; an unrewarding minor event (which still sold millions of tickets and made a profit.) Or they might find my book to be like Robocop, a widely regarded film with two sequels. For now, my self-published book remains far beneath the minor fame surrounding the movie Freejack. That’s very depressing.
My recent blogs all seem to have a common theme. I need to do a better job of getting the word out. All very true. Well, I am going to keep trying and thinking about how to accomplish this.

You’re the best -Bill
March 21, 2019

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