I Watched the Movie Freejack
The movie Freejack came to theaters in January 1992. It starred Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones, Rene Russo, and Emillo Estevez. I watched the movie in the theater on opening week. It had an interesting future premise and exciting racing scenes. Overall, I give this movie a grade C, putting it in the typical 80s class of science fiction movies. Since watching it, the memory has faded, and I have struggled to recall the exact plot or a specific scene. I would not recommend going out of your way to see it.
If I take an objective approach, watching Freejack was not a special moment. It simply did not hold my interest. Another cyberpunk dystopian future movie came out Robocop. They were equivalent movies regarding acting and plot, but the public liked Robocop much more.
I consider the time I spent watching Freejack to be a minor accomplishment. If I added up my life, this event would likely not make the top ten thousand. Every school math assignment I worked on had a much more significant impact. I have experienced far better movies, stories, and television shows. For example, watching Star Wars in 1977 was an epic moment, perhaps in my top 10.
I am sure the makers of Freejack had great pride in their accomplishments. Mick Jagger might consider his role a substantial lifetime achievement. I am sure the copyright owners would appreciate any interest in the film. They would love a reboot or sequel or to have the rights purchased for millions of dollars. Their message? PLEASE WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!
Why am I discussing Freejack? Our lives comprise minor accomplishments, like buying noodles at the supermarket. This mundane grocery task involves substantial effort by all the people involved. Truck drivers, accountants, cashiers, farmers, noodle factories, plastic packages, marketing, and quality control. They all worked hard to make this trivial task possible.
My reason for discussing this obscure movie is that a minor event for most people can be a significant life accomplishment for others. Now, here is the tie-in. I do not want reading one of my books to be a Freejack grade event. “I read Interviewing Immortality and struggled to recall the plot. Overall, I would give it a grade of C.” Boo! I want my work to be above the noise.
What do I do to turn my books into a Robocop grade success? I can think of two necessary steps. The first is to write better books by taking writing classes or reading self-help books about the topic. The second step would be better marketing. I know what is necessary in that area but have yet to find a path to success. Far too many people would love to take my money for their advertising services. Three have spammed me this week.
Knowing the steps to success is a great leap in the right direction, and I will keep trying to achieve success. In the meantime, I am going to go on a lunchtime walk. Will I think about Freejack? Umm, probably not. Will I think about the plots for my next two books? I certainly will.

You’re the best -Bill
March 21, 2019 Updated February 17, 2024

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