How’s That Book Marketing Going?
My book marketing effort has been a dismal failure thus far. The present plan is to write more books and beg for reviews, and when I have 100, I will use Amazon’s paid promotion services. I know this awful plan does not involve social media or professional advertisements.
What was my initial plan? I expected Amazon, Kubo, Barns, and Nobel to promote new authors with gusto. It is in their best interest to turn them into best sellers. Yeah… That is lottery ticket grade, wishful thinking.
What else did I expect? Honestly, I hoped to find a magic lamp. Many marketing experts can promote something simple, like a book. All an author needs to do is go to website X, pay $50, and BAM! The experts take care of everything. Instant book sales! Woo-hoo! Money in the bank! More wishful thinking.
The problem is that if someone has money, others will take it. Why should book promotion be any different? I located many marketing sites that promised success for pennies. Unfortunately, the services they offered were laughable. Even worse, they blast people with spam, which angers them. Plus, these sites offered no metric of success and no guarantees—the textbook definition of wasted money.
Every self-published author faces the same marketing wall. There are millions of old and thousands of new books, with one hundred coming out daily. This vast array of solid titles competes for the reader’s attention. Remember that readers also like eating, social media, television, sports, movies, exercise, work, family, travel, and other costly activities. Somehow, a self-published author must break through that entire spectrum to convince a reader they should click “buy it now.”
For example, a reader could purchase The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy (an excellent read) or Interviewing Immortality (An astounding book. Trust me, I wrote it.) by an unknown self-published author.
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy is a well-written classic that everybody should read. Why would a reader spend hard-earned cash on a self-published nobody? Another possibility is to purchase a six-pack of Diet Coke. Let’s think this through. Go with the established author because it is a sure bet to be entertained. “You have purchased The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy. Thank you for choosing Amazon.” Good choice.
Will I ever sell over three books a month? I believe in myself, and the few people who read my words provided positive feedback. This sentiment encourages me, and I have a positive writing future ahead of me. Blah, blah, blah. Answer the question. Alright, alright. The path I have chosen is difficult. Marketing is a skill that I have put little effort into developing.
What I am missing is a bubbly personality and advertising drive. What if I took the leap and spent money on a billboard with my books? Yeah, I will get right on it…
I have never been one to give up, and I see success in my distant future. What I need is to be more engaging and spread my wings wider. I am not on Twitter (X), Instagram, YouTube, or any other site, and if I expect any success, social media needs to be part of my core plan.
I did have one idea. Pay a YouTuber to promote my book. Lots of people promote works through YouTube. It’s fast and easy. Girrrrr. I’m not too fond of that option. Too much risk. Too much money. Girrrrr. I’m in the way of my success.

You’re the best -Bill
March 6, 2019 Updated February 03, 2024

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