I No Longer Use Writers Helping Writers
I joined Facebook to promote my first book and found a great writing resource. They are called Writers Helping Writers, and the members post content, ask questions, provide resources, and converse about writing, story, and publishing. When I joined, I read every post, replied often, and contributed new content. This interaction answered writing questions, and I learned other writers had the same struggles.
My most valuable takeaway confirmed that I am indeed an author. How did I figure this out? Several members had not published and were too afraid to try. I knew the answer to many posted questions and saw poorly written material posted by established authors. Confidence at the expense of others? I still claim the win.
When somebody posted poorly written material, I never commented on the bad parts, even when they asked for an honest opinion. Unfortunately, other authors were more than willing to put down their peers. This toxic environment likely shamed upcoming authors into putting their pens down.
Overall, it was an enjoyable experience, but as the months passed, I became disillusioned. My biggest annoyance occurred when a new member posted, “Wow, so great to be here. How do I write a book?” I used to enjoy sharing my wisdom with these new members, but the identical posts kept occurring. I also saw many demotivating posts, and some were quite scathing. Writing is supposed to be fun, but some authors disagree.
Many of the posts were fluff. “Writer’s meeting in St Petersburg. Come join us.” “Look at my cooking book cover!” “How should this poem end?” “I just sold 50 thousand books!” Yay. I sold one this month.
My Writers Helping Writer’s experience went from positive to negative over six months, but the decision to abandon them was neither good nor bad. People have interests that go from a high point to a memory. Paying with Legos was one such experience along my journey.
Writers Helping Writers is what it is—an open forum for writers to communicate. Most members are good-hearted, and they provide great help. Some post junk, and others are mean individuals. The result is some beautiful content sprinkled among noise.
I am glad to have learned from talented writers, and the group is an excellent resource for new authors. My only suggestion for the moderators would be to make members read an FAQ section before joining and direct already-answered questions to the FAQ. I recommend all writers check the group out. Well, for at least a month.

You’re the best -Bill
February 27, 2019 Updated January 28, 2024

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