Why I Like Neil Gaiman
About 10 years ago, my friend Dave recommended that I read “The Graveyard book” by Neil Gaiman. Right from the first paragraph, I was hooked and read every single one of Neil’s books. In this blog, I wanted to explain why I think Neil’s works are in a class by their own and why he is my favorite author.
Let’s take a basic example. He took the classic Cinderella story and wrote The Sleeper and the Spindle. The result was gripping, had exquisite artwork and was well executed. What really set this particular work apart was the flow. The words melted from one superb sentence to the next. Overall, the story took interesting pauses and reflections. A very intriguing work that I often reflect upon.
Books are all about story and this is the major difference that distinguishes Neil. His stories are unique, creative, powerful and interesting. What is his secret ingredient? The reality is that his mind works differently than others. He sees story in a way that we cannot.
Neverwhere is a good example of this different outlook. The plot interweaves between our known reality and a fantasy world underneath London. This book really made me think and ask questions about what is real and what isn’t. Books that force you to think and wonder about your life are special.
Neil spends a lot of time on each sentence and each one is a little gem that stands on its own. No extra words, thoughts or motives. The reader can concentrate on what is going on and forget about the reading. Simply stated, Neil has the gift of being a good writer with a high standard of excellence.
This outlook is apparent in all his endeavors. No cutting corners in publishing, or cheap promotions, pompous attitudes, verbal attacks or self-serving muck. In thinking back on it, my jump into being an author was deeply inspired by his works and by the standard he set as an author. Granted, the quality of his works gives me a lot to aspire to. Someday it would be nice to read a compliment about my books just like the ones I read about Neil.

You’re the best -Bill
November 28, 2018

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