Full Time to Part Time Author
As I transitioned from full-time author (during a fun bout of unemployment) to part-time, I noticed several changes in my writing. The main difference was the time I spent writing. However, I saw the quality of my writing increased.
Why? It takes tremendous focus to write. Obviously, I cannot write while at work, and my time is special when I get home. When I was at home all day, my life had no structure. Now, with a five-day work week, I spend my precious writing time with more focus.
I also noticed a change in my attitude. Before, my writing was a hobby. Now, it has become a freedom exercise. I probably should use this precious time to start a business, but that is another story.
Am I disappointed that I no longer have the freedom to write all day long? I suppose. Writing is fun, and I get a lot out of it. I miss the days filled with endless creativity. Electrical Engineering does not allow much freedom because there are procedures and following the laws of physics. There is not much call for humor or building a great fictional character.
What about the bad parts of full-time writing? My hands hurt from all that typing, and I had eye strain. Because I was not working, I placed a lot of pressure on myself to succeed, and my limited book sales were difficult. I forced myself to write weekly to use this precious opportunity. Now, I can take my time, and the words flow easier. I still have stress, but that is from work, and it is to be expected.
Is my life better? Mentally, I am in a much better place because I can provide for my family. My life also has a lot more structure, which is essential. I would prefer if I could make decent money from writing. In that effort, I will keep trying, and I can see a dim light at the end of an endless tunnel.

You’re the best -Bill
September 26, 2018 Updated September 10, 2023

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