My Plan for Success
To succeed, a person needs a solid plan, and I had one around the time I turned fifteen. Powerful high school grades would enable me to attend college, leading to a fantastic job. The first two parts were the hardest, but I succeeded. Yay!
The next part was supposed to be easy. I had a college degree, and all I needed to do was look at the help wanted section and pick a job. This would be as easy as giving my best friend a high-five! Well, that was 993, and the economy was awful. So, I radically pivoted and started a company. Even though I worked super hard, my efforts failed.
This was a tough pill to swallow, but I sucked up my pride and got a job at a local medical inventory company. So, my initial plan succeeded. Yay!
Since then, I have bounced from company to company. In my off time, I tried to start businesses three times. My most successful attempt was as a full-time consultant. This effort was incredibly stressful and made little money. My worst attempt was a partnership with an internet marketing company. This dumpster fire consumed hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.
A friendly bout of unemployment pivoted me again, and I decided to try fiction writing. Surely, this venture would be profitable, and indeed it is. I have made tens of dollars. Yay! (While spending thousands on editing, formatting, and marketing. Boo!)
What is my present success plan? I have a three-pronged approach. Continue working, write at night, and start a business. Working at a company is a safe, straight path with limited risk, but not too exciting. So, how do I intend to be a successful author and start a company?
I have found book promoting to be a tough nut to crack. I had expected online eBook retailers to do a much better job of helping new authors. Sadly, that chore is in my court. And who am I? A nobody author in a sea of nobody authors. However, I have a plan. My books are available in every eBook marketplace, and I write articles to gain exposure. In time, one or more readers will tell others about me. In summary, I plan to sit on my bum and wait to be discovered. Umm, that sounds like a poor plan. Yeah…
I have never stopped my business-starting efforts. I have developed 71 ideas and have organized them by chance of success and investment required. My next step is to locate a partner with marketing skills and investment contacts. Why not do this part myself? My business-starting mistakes taught me two important lessons: Never start alone and CAREFULLY pick your business partners.
How am I finding a business partner? When I meet new people, we chat, and if I get the sense that they are the right person, I tell them about my ideas and discuss a partnership. How often has this occurred in the last ten years? Once. In summary, I plan to sit on my bum and wait for a partner to appear out of thin air. Umm, that sounds like a poor plan and a theme. Yeah…
There are other options. I could go to a book or a business conference. There are online book marketing and business startup courses. At the very least, there are people I can pay to promote my books or locate business partners. That is very true, and I have diligently investigated all these options. Yet, my “solid” plan remains.
Why am I so pessimistic? Am I being lazy? Or am I gun-shy? (Afraid to fail) Until I wrote this sentence, I was sure that I was being cautious. I always approach problems with care and make calculated decisions. This sounds like I have been putting off the problem. Translation: Lazy.
What should I do? The obvious answer is to get off my bum and focus on my goals. I understand what it takes to start a business and am still up for the task, but the problem is desire. Starting a business is risky, scary, and expensive. Having done it so many times without success has taken its mental toll.
After some noodling time, I have concluded that I am indeed gun-shy. Being afraid to try is not an outstanding trait to admit to, but this is clearly what is going on. So here is my new plan. I am going to confront my fears and laziness. However, having lofty goals without milestones or details is not enough. Therefore, I have a new daily goal. I am going to dedicate thirty minutes to starting a business.
What about book marketing? Last night, I came up with a new plan. I have always wanted to write a short stories book. I have collected eight plots and thought them through. The problem is that readers only like short story books by mega-authors. Writing such a book would be a waste of time for a small-potato author like me.
My magic idea is to write one or more short stories and post them online for free. There are TONS of sites that will host a short story. I am excited to see how this plays out.
My business and promotion plans plan do not seem impressive, but what is essential is that I have them clearly stated to myself. Will they succeed? Only time will tell.

You’re the best -Bill
October 18, 2023
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