How Covid Effected Books
In early 2020, we became aware of the Covid 19 pandemic. This tragic worldwide event radically affected society, health, economics, politics, and daily life. But how did covid affect writing and publishing?
Initially, people could not go to bookstores which reduced sales and led to store closings. Yet, online sales improved because the people who could not work needed something to read. According to this graph, for 2020 through 2022, Ebook sales increased by ten percent and then returned to their previous levels:
As the pandemic became mainstream, I saw many rapid books such as “Treat Covid with Meditation.” On the Facebook group Writers Helping Writers, there was more interest in becoming an author, but this quickly tapered off. I also noticed more interest from part-time authors, so we should start seeing more new books.
How did Covid affect writing? Like any added knowledge, writers now have more subjects to write about. A Covid romance story? Or a Covid spy drama? Also, writers now better understand surviving a worldwide tragic event, and their dystopian novels will be more accurate.
Covid had a profound effect on our outlook and our media. Here is an article showing that books, movies, television, and online content is sadder than before December 2019:
Well, how do we get happier? Write happy books? Introduce happy laws? Or is this something that only time can fix? Getting back to normal will take significant effort and time. Where do we begin? I propose that the process starts by focusing on the pleasant aspects of life as we turn the page on this awful chapter in human history.
Authors have an opportunity to help. When they start a new project, they should try to apply a positive spin to their work. Is this realistic? Society is tired of Covid. There is an opportunity for authors to sell hope, and I have noticed an uplifting trend in recent books. Will happier books fix our problems? No, but it is a step in the right direction.

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May 17, 2023
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