Am I An Expert?
When we have a question, we seek the advice of an expert. What qualifies an ordinary person to be considered to be an expert? They are usually bright and have mastered a specific subject. One might ask an auto mechanic why their car does not start.
We have learned who are the experts in our circle of friends and trust their sage wisdom. “Hey, your brother knows about cars? Let’s ask him why the car will not start.”
The field of electronics is vast, and there are many niches. I dislike to brag, but many people have sought my wisdom, and I confidently answer their questions or admit ignorance. My advice has proven sound, but I have made mistakes.
Do I consider myself an electronics expert? In certain areas, I am. Why? I have been playing with electronics before I could walk, so this advanced ability should not surprise anyone. My car mechanic has been playing with cars from a young age, and I unquestionably trust his advice.
What about writing a book? When I began my writing adventure, I was fortunate to have two people who helped. My mother was a beta reader, and she had excellent grammar skills. The second person, Bethany, helped with the technical story aspects, publishing and provided many writing tips.
Have I become an expert? In self-publishing, I feel comfortable advising, which means I have learned how to self-publish and can provide direction to others. Of course, I could be a self-publishing bonehead because my books are not flying off the shelves.
What about writing? As far as creating a story, I consider myself in the middle of the bunch. A good example of my limited knowledge is understanding what a “five-act play” is. I could not spot one if you threw it at me. However, I have a creative mind and a desire to bring my ideas to life. So, I have some work to do.
How about grammar, flow, dialog, and structure? My blog readers know that my English skills are lacking. Yet, I can spot ~80% of my own issues and now see issues in celebrated works. Unfortunately, there is a lot of room for improvement.
Marketing? Mmm, I must give myself a 2 out of 10 score and conclude that I will never be a marketing expert. Bummer.
To formally answer the question, I am not a writing expert. However, I now understand that there will be a time when I can consider myself an expert. How long will that be? In engineering, one is a “senior engineer” after ten years of experience. (It used to be fifteen.) This number is up for debate, and I have met “senior engineers” with two years of experience. No, I did not use this title when I referred to them.
I have been writing books since March 12, 2016, and by engineering logic, I will be an expert in three years and 12 days. In the meantime, ask me any writing question, and I will pleasantly provide you with a non-expert opinion.

You’re the best -Bill
March 01, 2023
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