Putting Forth Rubbish
We all have flaws, personal limitations, and deadlines. As a result, some of our work is less than stellar. Yet, that topic is not quite what I wanted to blog about. Sometimes we get lazy and attempt to hide the fact that something we present is not our best. Meaning we knowingly cover up lousy work because we are too lazy to fix it.
I recall intentionally submitting high school homework that was incomplete, incorrect, or “not my best work.” Why? I wanted to watch television. But, hey, I can be honest now. When confronted, I would answer, “I did my best,” but this was not true. Yet, I refused to back down.
Now, I am all grown up (sort of), and my ethics are better (sort of). Yet I still let things slip and get annoyed by legitimate criticism. “Why are you pointing out my flaws? The rest of the thing was good.” So we can conclude that I am being lazy about being lazy.
What happens when an author does not put forth their best? There are basic book covers without graphics, characters that appear without an introduction, incomplete motives, missing descriptions, or a noticeable plot hole. The author would respond, “A competent reader should be able to fill in the blanks.” “There were editing issues.” “I disagreed with the publisher.” “The deadline was too short.”
Because I am not a celebrated author, I spend lots of time and money to product the best possible books. Of course, there are flaws, but I can honestly say that I put fourth my best. Yet, I have let a few things slide in my writing adventure. This morning, I was reading old blogs to ensure I was not covering a topic I had already explored. In the process, I read basic issues that I should have fixed.
Was I aware that my earlier blogs had issues? “I have a weekly deadline.” “I cannot afford a professional editor for my blogs.” “Blog readers expect some raw content.” I am full of excuses, and here is the proof. “I could go back and edit the blogs on my website. Umm. That would take too much time.”
In my books, I admit there have been several times when I did not fully describe a character, environment, emotion, or situation. “It was all in my head, but I assumed the reader was following along.” Yeah, full of excuses.
So… Am I admitting that I put forth rubbish? Hmm. That is not the way I look at it. I am doing my best and having some fun along the way. Or is that a cop-out? Hmm. Something for a future blog.

You’re the best -Bill
February 15, 2023
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