Putting In My Time
I recently watched a YouTuber celebrating 500,000 subscribers. They played parts from their first video and talked about their three-year journey. What really struck me was their deep dedication to consistently producing one video every week. (Kind of like one blog per week.)
The big difference between being an author and a YouTube influencer is that videos are immediately available, and popular videos are an instant hit. Unfortunately, despite being freely available to billions of people, uninspiring videos are not recommended and only receive a few views.
A book is a much slower burn, and immediate success only occurs if the author has massive publishing money, gets written by somebody famous, or is topical (has a popular hook).
My writing adventure began Saturday, March 12, 2016, and I created my first blog on September 16, 2017. There have been difficulties and victories, but I would not consider myself successful. How long before I taste the sweet nectar of widespread acceptance? Reluctantly, I see myself only becoming popular after completing a trilogy. At this rate, that will probably occur in three years. Meaning this will be a ten-year journey. Wow, that’s an enormous commitment.
Should I have done something different with my time? Start a business? We can second-guess every decision and postulate potential outcomes until the cows come home. But the question remains. Would I go back to the past and warn myself about the arduous journey?
That’s a tough call. Let’s pretend I tried to start a business (for the fourth time). Given my track record, success is a low probability. More time, more money. Arguably, deciding to write would have taken fewer resources, and there might be a marginally better outcome. Yet, a ten-year journey is not for the fainthearted. An author has to be committed.
However, as I write this very sentence, I realize that is not the point. Writing is supposed to be fun! If it is not, get out of the game.
Fortunately for my four dedicated blog readers, I will persevere. Perhaps in a few years, I can say, “Fortunately for my eight blog readers…”

You’re the best -Bill
January 11, 2023
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