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Two weeks ago, I woke up sick but fortuity; this malady was the common cold, not covid. So, I went through the typical sniffles, aches, cough, and sore throat. Yuck! Now I am at the stage where I have to cough once every 30 minutes, but I cannot seem to fully kick it.
What did I do during this adventurous time? Slept and watched streaming videos. What about writing? It took a lot of effort to format and post a completed blog; this was all the writing I accomplished.
Why didn’t I take this perfect opportunity to write up a storm? My hands did not hurt, and I was looking for an activity to take my mind off being sick. Writing does not require physical energy. Right? Well…
The first thing I thought of that Tuesday morning was, “Wow, I am going to get a lot of writing done!” Yet, I quickly learned that a simple cold zapped away the right attitude, concentration, and desire.
This was a great surprise, and I added this knowledge to my bonkers knowledge base. Fortunately for my four blog readers, I write my blogs three weeks ahead of time and let them marinate (edit) to perfection.
In the future, I will be more aware of what it takes to write and understand that my three-week “tank of blogs” is more important than I realize. Hopefully, that will keep my four blog readers entertained.

You’re the best -Bill
December 28, 2022
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