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I wanted to share this review of my second book, Pushed to the Edge of Survival:

Wow. This book is a rollercoaster on so many levels. At first, I thought I had this narrative figured out, but midway through, I began to understand the technical genius that author Bill Conrad so artfully employs. We kick off the story following two families, centering on an effervescent fashionista in one, and a reclusive engineer in the other. I refuse to spoil any details, as anyone who reads this book to the end will be very pleasantly surprised. This book becomes morally challenging to read as an immense problem begins to develop between two of the main characters—however, by the middle of the book, I came to appreciate the intense plot device that Bill so cleverly crafted by this dilemma, underneath my very nose. This piece was written in the same way an expert magician works an audience…I was distracted by his sleight of hand, while key events silently unfurled in the background. …By the end of the book, I wanted to cry. Hats off to Bill, who apparently poured a great deal of technical genius into compiling such a memorable story. Count me in for the sequel!

Here is a link to my book:
My writing adventure began hoping I could capture this story. To ensure I prepared myself, I wrote another book first to gain experience. That was probably a good call, and I did indeed learn a lot by the time I started my second book.
Reading that review made me feel fantastic about myself. All the hard work, sacrifices, and mistakes finally paid off.

You’re the best -Bill
August 31, 2022
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