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Last week, I got a fantastic email, “We would like to interview you on the radio.” That’s great news! And, of course, I immediately emailed back, “Sounds wonderful. Please send me the details.” My mind was on cloud nine for the next two days as I thought about possible interview questions and conversation topics.
Finally, the email reply came. For $35, they would convert my book cover into a 3D animation and place it along with my biography on their site. There was no mention of an interview or the word “radio.” Plus, their site was down, and I located a two-year-old YouTube promotion video with nine views. If there were a $35 money-wasting contest…
Long before the internet, there were useless paid services, scams, and bogus offers. Even with a bunch of filters set up, I get ten spam emails a week on my website email account. “Click here to have your website ranked #1! RE:Website design proposal. Add merchandise to your website.” I heavily filter my personal email account and still get at least three spams daily.
But this email was different. It lifted my hopes and then dashed them to bits. I hate being targeted, but unfortunately, this is the future of advertising. Artificial intelligence is already harvesting databases and generating targeted advertisements. Our remaining mental weak spots are under attack, and the walls we will have to put up will shut out everyone and everything.
Soon, the artificial intelligence scams will be so well disguised that, more often than not, we will not be able to tell. Perhaps in the near future, I will be fooled into accepting a “radio interview,” and while discussing my book, the artificial intelligence chat-box will casually ask for personal information. “Wow, that sounds like a fantastic plot. Hey, tell me about yourself. What is your mother’s maiden name?” I only wanted to promote my book…
Of course, this blog is about writing, and I have a plan to turn the tables. For the last six months, I have been outlining the plot for a new book series (that will probably come out in 10 years LOL) where I dive into the perils of a world filled with artificial intelligence. That is how an author takes revenge.
Yet, I’m still disappointed. I honestly thought my book was worthy of a radio interview. It’s tough when people take advantage of our humility. But I have four loyal blog readers, which is more than enough. Plus, this blog is sort of like an interview. I get to think about my own questions and write up the answers. “I’m your radio blog host, DJ Pop and Fresh. The time is 1:25 in the afternoon. Let’s get an update on traffic.”

You’re the best -Bill
August 03, 2022
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