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Since covid, I have been re-watching movies because of the limited number of new releases. My selection included the ‘80s action/adventure movie Blue Thunder which revolved around a high-tech helicopter. While dated, it had a good story and exciting action. The DVD also contained a “making of” video with many interesting facts and behind-the-scenes footage.
One fascinating gem was that the story was not based on a book. Instead, Dan O’Bannon came up with the script one night when a helicopter buzzed around his house with a searchlight. The incident made him so mad that he started writing. The video advised people to “write when you are angry.” That really got me thinking.
Anger is a powerful tool. It gets us off our butts, provides energy, and creates ideas. Unfortunately, a pleasant individual might even resort to violence. Entire nations have gone to war because they were angry.
Do I ever write when I am angry? A long while ago, I learned the hard way never to edit while emotional. So here is a blog about that experience.
However, I have never tried writing while angry. Then, a month ago, in the late evening, my job stress peaked, and I wrote something. One of my bucket list items was to write about book reviews. So, I bangled away for three hours. The result was not even a helpful guide; instead, it was a set of incoherent orders. Not my best work.
Yet, when I took a step back, my creation was to the point and gave the reader an accurate view of my beliefs. Is that not the point of a “how-to guide?” Yes, but that does not mean the reader will enjoy the document.
What about the idea (concept) quality? Was my document more creative? The result was not too creative or insightful. Plus, the document quality was poor. But unfortunately, that was not the fundamental problem. My points were not solid, and the document had no structure.
There was a bright side. The experience got me thinking about the creative process. Writing angry felt good. I had a creative and safe outlet to vet my thoughts. Is there a place in my life to write angry? Perhaps I could use it to create gritty scenes. Our hero bursts into the room and beats up the bad guy. Take that! Throw some punches. Let’s examine that last sentence. I do not want to punch somebody, but I can write such actions. “Bill punched Sally.” How cruel! Bill is my real name, which means I truly wished to inflict pain on a woman. No, I did not. Those were only words. Nobody got threatened, injured, or in danger. Simple words. And now, I have less anger in my heart. Plus, I got a mean statement “on paper” that can be edited.
In the future, I will experiment with writing when I am angry. Perhaps some plot ideas or a rage-filled scene? Will any of this anger end up in a book? Perhaps. Will I be “angry blogging?” I have to admit something to my four blog readers. I was upset while writing this blog. Work has been... Well, I am no longer working. So, my four blog readers got a few angry words. And I did something out of character. I applied minimal editing to give my four blog readers some” raw Bill thoughts.”
Am I proud of this blog? To me, it reads brash. However, this document reads direct and provides perspective. So, my four blog readers are getting a peek into my angry mind. Fortunately, my soul only has a few mean corners.

You’re the best -Bill
June 29, 2022
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