Writing Is Supposed to Be Fun
Sometimes life gets us down, but we all have projects, hobbies, and special people to add joy back into our lives. For myself, I have a fantastic family, friends, house repairs, bike riding, hikes, and writing to make up for the bad times. But does this mean that writing is not part of my financial future? Unfortunately, it is unlikely I will ever break even.
Writing is a challenging hobby where I am privileged to express myself. This blog is a perfect example of this freedom. I could choose my topic, writing style, and content. As a result, this little gem has been an enjoyable experience.
Yet there have been negative aspects of writing. It takes time, mental energy, diligence, and patience. The worst part is warranted and unwarranted negative feedback. Yet, I still think the overall process is worth the effort. And it should be. While the physical act of writing is solitary, authors load their writing with amazing people (characters). Even the words have a positive aspect to them. What is the best way to put together a sentence? How can we spice up a description? What is the motivation?
Yet, some days I do not want to touch the keyboard. Who cares what my characters do! Editing is for the birds! The critics are right! No more blogs! Stay in bed! And then there is the feeling after writing a fantastic paragraph…
After some grumbling and long walks, the characters warm back up, and I pick up the keyboard. There is a certain familiarity with a character I created. Like we are old friends. Yes, we argue (get negative criticism) and have issues (plot holes), but in the end, we are partners on this chaotic path.
I am glad that I became an author. It is a creative outlet, and I have met many excellent writers. Plus, there are my four blog readers. Thanks for sticking with me all these years and making this effort worthwhile.

You’re the best -Bill
May 18, 2022
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