My Themes (Oops!)
Last week, I started a new blog titled “My Themes,” which described my typical writing themes. All was going well until yesterday evening, and at that point, I had committed at least two hours of writing. While searching for an unrelated topic, I came across:
A blog about my writing themes. Two hours wasted. Mental note: Check previous blog topics before starting a new one.
This mistake got me thinking. How many times have I covered prior material? At 218 blogs, I recall a few instances. But not this bad. Plus, I like to re-discuss topics.
What were the differences between the two blogs? The original focused on character/plot types and writing formats. My recent attempt focused on broader topics, including morals, plot structures, and how I treat the character. This collimated in an overall focus on bad things happening to ordinary people.
Taking a high-level view, I have grown as an author and now think more about the bigger picture. I suppose this is evidence of growth. For example, a new car buyer might focus on flashy appearances, and an experienced car enthusiast would concentrate on technical specifications.
Making mistakes is part of life, which is how we learn and grow. As a writer, the key is fixing issues at the editing stage. The problem is that books contain thousands of words, and it only takes one to do lots of damage. Fortunately, I found this little boo-boo before my four blog readers. Stay tuned for future mistakes.

You’re the best -Bill
May 11, 2022
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