Do I Want to Be My Character?
Do authors secretly wish to be their characters? I have touched on this topic before:

However, I have not specifically addressed that question. It’s natural and even essential for authors to envision themselves as their characters. This is especially true for determining motivation and dialog. I am no exception and do indeed envision myself as one of these “people” while writing.
To specifically answer the questions. Do I desire to become one of my imaginary characters? Are they a reflection of who I should be? The expected answer is, “No, of course not! However, an author will always put some part of themselves into their words.”
What a cop-out! My characters span the rainbow. They are rich, poor, adventurous, attractive, influential, healthy, intelligent, and talented. Of course, I wish I were more than I am. Who would not want to be wealthier, braver, adventurous, younger, more attractive, and super-confidant? Larger than life! And yes, I know I could do a better job of improving my own life.
To get to the core aspect, there are times I desire to be a character. However, we must take in the plot. Let’s consider Luke Skywalker. What an amazing hero. He saved the universe. Good looking too! But his parents were murdered, he killed a bunch of people/creatures, and he ended up living on a deserted island. From a high-level view, he is a pathetic murderer. Luke reminds me of a child actor who “used to be adorable” but ended up a drugged-out disaster.
My characters are no different. I threw my characters into messes that destroyed their families, morals, and peaceful existence. One turns into a serial killer! Yet, there is a certain charm in becoming something you create. I could even be a woman or an alien. How about a super-smart billionaire?
We also need to keep in mind that there is a harsh reality to this line of thinking. Pretending to be someone else is destructive. We are who we are. An author has to keep this in mind or risk losing the things and people they care about.
How close have I come to committing to being a character? I occasionally daydream about characters and plots, but I wake up as myself each morning and live in the real world.
I am not complaining about my life and have been blessed with a healthy body, family, friends, and four blog readers. What more could a person ask for?

PS, I was reading a past blog, and I need to send a shout-out to a dear friend. Mr. computer, I still have not given you a name and need to. Please accept my gratitude for continuing to work flawlessly over these last months.

You’re the best -Bill
April 27, 2022
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