It’s Difficult to Be an Author
In his most famous speech, JFK said, “We do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard.” I always liked that quote, and I went into writing fully aware of the uphill battle. My biggest concern was poor grammar and spelling. Plus, negative criticism has always been brutal. Yet, I completely missed the mark and have even coined the difficulty.
“Successful authors spend 99% of their time marketing and 1% on other tasks.” Wait a moment. Publishers are supposed to take care of that trivial effort. Nope. Traditional publishing is a dying industry that only supports niche authors. And surprise! Traditional publishers cannot promote their best authors.
For myself, there was no choice but to self-publish. I knew online sites like Amazon would do their best to promote my glorious work. After all, it is in their best interest to promote. Yeah, about that…
After I put my book on Amazon, nothing happened. Even a Google search could not find my book a month later. To make matters worse, an Amazon search yielded “Interviewing for Immortality,” which is a strange self-help book.
This was a harsh reality, and I had to shift my focus to marketing. It has been a long struggle to make some inroads, including blogging, begging for reviews, a website, contacting people, Goodreads posts, my Facebook page, research, and trying new ideas.
Yet, I still have not entirely accepted my 99% goal. (It is not really a goal, but something to strive for.) Presently, I spend 60% of my time self-editing, 30% marketing, and 10% writing. Of the time I spend writing, the majority is spent blogging, a marketing activity. However, I consider this effort to be “writing practice.”
Why is marketing so difficult and time-consuming? I do not have a marketing background and cannot locate a service to help. Many services will take your money. Unfortunately, they are all glorified spam generators. The world has enough spam. Ask them to prove their “return on investment.” None of them can justify the effectiveness of their service.
My only option is to innovate and slog through my existing marketing plan. Yet, I maintain hope. With the right attitude and effort, I will be successful. So, there is a substantial upside. More blogs for my four dedicated readers!

You’re the best -Bill
April 13, 2022
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