Will Writing Ever Rule the World?
While searching for new blog topics, I came across a great list of popular ones. Instead of choosing the one I liked the most, I challenged myself. “Will Blank Ever Rule the World?” Since this blog is about writing and books, “Will writing ever rule the world?” My first thought about this profound question was, “Of course not! What are you thinking?!”
Umm, that was not the intent of the exercise. I was supposed to describe all the wonders of books and writing. For example, let’s pretend my blog was about horses. “Will horses ever rule the world?” Of course, horses will rule the world! People love horses, and it is natural to think these majestic creatures could become a much larger part of our society. Heck, with artificial intelligence and genetic engineering, horses could even evolve. I suspect talking and voting is in our near future. More arguments include…
That’s the proper line of thinking. Writing and books should be fundamental to a person like me. Therefore, books could become the world’s most important topic. However, I am too realistic and do not believe this could be possible. Does this mean that writing and books are not the most important part of my life? They are important, but I feel this blog exercise is silly and illogical. “I do not wish to take part.” Come on, man up, and make this blog topic happen. Hmm… Alright, I will make a better (fictional?) attempt.
There is a hypothetical future where writing and books could become extremely popular. Rock and roll, designer jeans, beanie babies, and Pokemon Go took the world by storm. Writing is a fun pastime, important to society, and rewarding. Books are educational, enjoyable, and challenging. In addition, it is now super easy to publish. Finally, books and writing used to be super popular and have always been a core part of our history. In conclusion, it is 100% possible that writing or books could once again become super popular.
However, I still do not think I covered the core point. Will writing and books ever reach superstar status? Ultra-popular rulers and pop stars have only achieved that level of fame and devotion. The closest an author or book achieves superstar status is JK Rowling and the Harry Potter books. Yet, she is a far cry from somebody like Michael Jackson, Elvis, Madonna, Lincoln, or King Tut.
Alright, let’s set up a realistic situation. Mega author (let’s call him Bill) writes a fantastic book series that takes the world by storm. His message is, “Everybody can be an author!” This universal message inspires people everywhere to write and read books. Is this set-up realistic? We are in the middle of a crazy Covid 19 epidemic. If something crazy like Covid can happen, then books can rule the world.
But wait, books sort of ruled the world. JK Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books, they became mega-popular, and Amazon now lets everybody publish. So, therefore, writing and books rule the world (quietly). (With an occasional movie deal and check from Amazon.)
I suppose this is a bland ending to a bland topic. But it could have been worse. Imagine how my four readers would feel if I spent this blog trying to convince you that horses would rule the world. Want something worse? Imagine if horses ruled the world? My street would stink from all the horse poop. How did the horses vote in the last election? So, I guess I am ending this blog on a high note. Writing and books do (kind of) rule the world.

You’re the best -Bill
April 06, 2022
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