Inspirational Outlines
Outlines have become an essential part of my writing process. They focus ideas, build solid plots and save gobs of time. As an example, I spent over 40 hours on the outline for my present book, and the story would have been a disaster without using this tool.
A week ago, I noticed something about outlines. I was not in the mood to write or edit that evening, so I did some outline work on my upcoming books. It was fun experimenting with the plot and solving potential issues.
I enjoyed the process, and about 20 minutes into my effort, I switched to writing. Where did this change in attitude come from? When I experimented with the future plots, I could take the characters into extreme places without consequence. Visually seeing the result was fun and challenging. This positive outlook overcame my desire not to write, and I switched to writing. The uplifting feeling continued, and I enjoyed seeing my characters come to life and thinking about their dialog.
It had never occurred to me that an outline could be inspirational. This has become a necessary tool, but over the last week, I have successfully used this trick twice. Would I recommend my uplifting technique to another writer? Hmm. This technique works for me because I visually bridge logic and creativity. I am “logically inspired to be creative.” For this trick to work with another writer, they must have this same stubborn logical core. Or am I crazy? Hmm. Something to consider as I need the inspiration to write another blog.

You’re the best -Bill
January 26, 2022
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