I enjoyed the movie Drive because of its powerful and understated characters. Unfortunately, this fantastic movie did not receive broad appreciation. What core essence separated this move from its peers (in my opinion?) Passion. The entire team behind this movie clearly had a deep passion for their project. They believed in the minimalistic concept and flawlessly executed it.
What if a viewer could not grasp the minimalistic approach? Those viewers probably thought the movie had flat characters and a timid plot. Where is the disconnect? The viewers who do not appreciate a film like Drive lack passion. But is that really a fair statement? Can a person with passion simply not like that kind of movie? Sure. My point is stereotypical.
There is another example that highlights my stereotype, The Killing Fields. Wow, what a powerful movie that tugged at every human emotion. Every scene had a message to tell, and clearly, the entire movie crew put their hearts into that film. Yet, I can see how a pleasant person with passion would hate this movie. The movie takes a hard look at a painful topic, and not everybody wants to face the deep evils in society.
Some movies like Avatar ride an odd, passionate line. The director put enormous effort into creating a beautiful film, but he clearly needed to spend more time on the plot. Where is the disconnect? Clearly, there were two camps. One group had extreme passion, and the other was in it for a paycheck.
From my perspective, passion is one of those things that if you have it, you know it. The rest of us are content to pass through life and not take the time to smell the roses. So does this mean people without passion are empty inside? Hmm. I will have to give that some thought.
There is a wide range of passionate people. If I were to put a person on the top of the list, it would be a person who writes a poetry book. As for places where passionate people congregate, France and Italy are prime examples. From there, the bell curve smooths out until we have lifeless subjects who prey on the weak. But what about everyday folks who are not meek and not into poetry? I suppose 90% of us fit into this grey area, which is why Drive was not a box office hit.
What is the difference between passion and obsession? A lifeless criminal can spend months planning a bank robbery. That person might even like the movie Drive. I think the difference is that passion has no goal. People with passion do what they do because of what is in their heart.
Are people with passion weak? Non-passionate people look down on artists and poets. “Get an actual job!” So, it would seem that society considers those with passion to be “below normal.” People with passion do not have the mechanical (obsessive) drive and must instead guide their actions with emotions. For that reason, we consider them weak, but I would consider them the most vital parts of a moral society.
My life has a few passionate areas. The obvious answer is family and friends. However, writing has a new passion. The defining factor of my writing passion is how I desire the final product to look. I want the material to be standalone and be successful. My documents are like a child, and at some point, we let them enter the world and face reality.
And what about this blog? Was it written with passion? Each blog contains a small part of me, and I want each one to succeed. Yet, I know only four people will read this blog and that this number has not increased in the last two years. Depressing. No matter. I will passionately continue blogging until they rip the keyboard out of my dead hands.

You’re the best -Bill
December 29, 2021
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