Writing Again!
I spent the last two years in an editing loop because I changed my dialog integration style, the grammar checkers improved, and I understood my writing ticks. But, of course, these improvements did not reveal themselves all at once, which required re-editing. Girrr. Was it worth the effort? Sure, but I wish I had those skills at the beginning.
I recently edited my fifth book to the level where my beta reader (mom) could look it over. This milestone allowed me to write my sixth book. However, the outline had a significant issue with the central plot. It would have been a 1-2 year disaster if I started without an outline. So, I worked on the outline until it became useable.
Unfortunately, the first step was painful. I needed to write a prequel summary. Summaries are challenging to write because they can drone on without being lively. This is because there are big writing traps like: This happened, then this happened, but this happened, then this happened… Bad summaries read like a 70s car that keeps running after the driver turned the key off (dieseling.)
It took three days to complete the summary, and then the magic began. The writing felt terrific, and my solid outline made the process easy. Words leaped onto my screen, and I created exciting dialog. Once again, I brought characters to life and could think about their actions. Issues resolved themselves, and I could not wait until the next sentence.
The experience felt engaging and rewarding. Every day, I could not wait to get back to my keyboard and type. However, in chapter three, I noticed an issue. I had trimmed the outline so much to make a fluid plot that my book would be too short. Yikes!
So, I went back to the outline, added plot, and continued to write. Then, in chapter four, I uncovered a logic issue. I failed to provide a character’s motivation, and the plot made little sense. Yikes! Again, I used Visio to visualize the plot. It took a week to iron out. And then, the magic happened again. The words flew off my keyboard and continued to flow.
This experience again allowed me to appreciate how lucky I am to have a modest writing gift. And yes, it was a pleasure and a privilege writing this blog.

You’re the best -Bill
November 10, 2021
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