Double/Single Space
I occasionally watch "Epic rap battles" on YouTube. They are funny musical debates between two prominent figures. The subject is historical or scientific. For example, Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla discuss electricity.
I wish they would have an epic rap battle about using single space versus double space. I refer to the two spaces after a period and entering two returns at the end of each line. While this blog topic seems simple, there is significant debate. Where did double spaces come from? The best answer is that newspapers and books used to have poor printing technology. It was difficult to see the period, and lines of print often ran into each other. (The text was not always parallel.)
My teachers taught me to add two spaces after each period on the typewriter and use double (extra return) spacing for important documents. To me, a sentence does not look correct unless there are two spaces after each period. However, the entire fiction of the period is, "You have completed a thought. Stop typing and move on to the next sentence."
The same is true with double spacing between lines. When writers use this technique, the document “looks important” and should be must taken seriously. Single-spaced documents “look casual.”
Society and computers have moved beyond double spaces. Paper is expensive, and so are digital bits. I agree, but my space bar does not. When I write, I still use two spaces after every period. I cannot shut it off.
Let's put an end to this topic. I give myself a magic wand. What do I want the world to do? Hmm. The answer is nothing. Saving paper is excellent advice for the planet, and we need to eliminate double spaces from all future documents. I really need to use the magic wand on myself and blank out the mental path that puts in two spaces after a period and ignores double-spaced documents. There, I did it again.

You’re the best -Bill
September 29, 2021

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