Why Is the Future So Bad?
In almost every futuristic story, life is bleak. We ruined our environment, morals are nonexistent, governments are in disarray, mobsters have taken over, money is worthless, everything has fallen apart, zombies are eating people, and aliens have taken over. Even an enjoyable movie like Back to the Future Part II painted a bleak future. Trash was everywhere, lawyers ruled daily life, and traffic was awful. So what went wrong between now and the future?
In the '50s, authors painted a bright picture of what life would be like. People were going to drive flying cars to the moon, watch smell-o-vision and play with robots. However, something changed.
My theory is that in the '50s, we perceived our lives to be better. Everybody had a big car, a perfect family and a big house. The only direction to go was up! Unfortunately, we closed our eyes to the race riots and rampant inequality. Now we have full media coverage, and we cannot close our eyes to the problems.
Are our present lives that bad? Medical care is fantastic, we have the Internet, and our stylish cars get excellent fuel economy. People are much better at communicating, they live healthier lives, and there are endless choices for entertainment. Want to fly to Hawaii? With a credit card, you can book a flight on your phone in five minutes.
History has proven that our future will be very similar to what our lives are like now. Yet, we know from history that there will be some problems. But, we also know that a segment of society will always have issues, and life is moving faster than ever.
I think it is time to stop painting a bad futuristic picture. Instead, we should take a step back and be more optimistic. Life is good, and I hope my four blog readers have a good day and a great tomorrow.

You’re the best -Bill
August 18, 2021
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