When Worlds Collide
Can Harry Potter meet Spiderman? Not likely. Why? The main reason is the copyright holders would never agree to "share" their audience. Fans would argue the two franchises cannot coexist because Harry Potter uses magic, and Spiderman's strength comes from radical biology (superpowers.) Logically, Spiderman lives in New York and not England. However, the two groups could come together for a special event.
One such event occurred when Bugs Bunny was legitimately on-screen with Mickey Mouse in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Yet audiences knew this coming together was a one-off event. Afterward, each franchise went back to doing their traditional work. As a result, it is doubtful we will ever see the two characters legitimately together again.
There is another aspect of colliding worlds. If Harry Potter legitimately met Spiderman, it would mean the two entities acknowledge each other. The result would make Harry Potter's magic less magical and diminish Spiderman's extraordinary strength. Why? Harry Potter could cast a "magic spider-spell" and create a "man with spider qualities." Actually, this would not be difficult given Harry Potter's great magical talent.
However, fans would immediately say, "What a cheap rip-off!" because they cherish their characters in their respective franchises. The result would also be confusing. Could Spiderman use a magic wand? Would Harry Potter get attracted to Spiderman's' girlfriend, Mary Jane? Things get complex quickly.
A good fiction author builds an entire world over many works. Each edition enhances the foundation, characters, and well-thought-out plot. If they combine these solid foundations, the two would never match.
Readers and viewers like separate franchises for the same reason we do not mix all our foods together. For example, tasting potatoes have their own culinary joy which is different from eating coleslaw.
I consider this lack of franchise interaction to be slightly detrimental. It would be fun to watch Spiderman using a magic wand. How about Luke Skywalker getting a Vulcan nerve pinch from Mr. Spock? Harry Potter using a Light Saber to fight the Joker? Iron Man flying an X-Wing fighter? A Star Trek Borg assimilating a Star Wars Ewok?
What about a reality where crazy franchises could interact? Like fan fiction? Readers and audiences only tolerate small amounts of confusing entertainment. Would I like to write in this space? The result would be too confusing, and the franchise owners would never allow my entry. In addition, I have my own work to consider without mooching off other people's fame. Yet, I have a fanfiction idea that I might write and give away for free in the distant future. How about a crossover blog? No, my blogs contain enough confusion.

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August 11, 2021

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