Superior Beings
There are many different religions and overall religious outlooks to choose from. Which is the best? What happens after we die? Are there one or more Superior Beings? Wow, those are tough questions.
For myself, the best that I can do is to believe there is one or more Superior Beings. I feel the path they wish me to follow is to be a good person and treat other people well. I also believe it is wrong to force my beliefs on to others. To me, this encouragement would be an act of arrogance because I would be interpreting the will of a Superior Being. How do I feel about other beliefs? I enjoy learning about other cultures and their beliefs but I generally ignore other people’s practice. “To each his own.” In addition, I choose not to put down or argue with other people’s beliefs. It annoys me when others attempt to force their beliefs on me.
What about my characters? It is a natural extension of my beliefs to give my characters similar values. However, in my fourth book (which will be out in a year) one character is Christian and she recites a prayer. This action allowed a religious discussion with people who did not share her beliefs. Also, I invented “religious police” and it is their job to ensure religions do not get too powerful or influenced by alien religions. This organization will have a larger role in a later book.
Does creating a Christian character violate my own beliefs? I suppose it does in a small way. But I see this decision as a source of personal growth. It should be fine to make a religious character who has views different than my own. Well, as long as they do not stray too far.
One line I refuse to cross is having Superior Being characters. Granted, I like watching the show Lucifer which has many such characters. However, the idea of writing about Superior Beings and their earth interaction is appealing. What is their backstory, limits of their powers and basic opinions? Do they watch television? It would be fun to know the answers.
I do not think I have fully answered the question of motivation behind my life choices. I think a core part of my has a solid path to follow and it is unlikely that I will stay from it. Do I have any religious advice for my four blog readers? Do I want them to follow my path? Do I want them to not write books with Superior Being characters? Again, I say, “To each his own.” Or should it be. “To each her own.” Hmm. Something to think about.
PS, my computer is still out of commission. Things should be back to normal soon unless there is more damage. Thanks for being patient.

You’re the best -Bill
June 23, 2021
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