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Well, this is getting kind of silly. I’m now writing about 1 blog a week. The intent of all this blogging is to create buzz and hopefully, this will lead to more book sales. The problem is that this approach isn’t working. The last 5 blogs I wrote got a total of 2 views on Goodreads. Both views were on my blog about writing an intimate scene. It’s clearly understandable why people would be drawn to read that blog.
So why keep it up? As I write this, I am kind of wondering myself. My only answer is that I write blogs in the hopes that my diligent effort will eventually work. Einstein described crazy as, “doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting a different result.” So very true. As I ponder blogging while sitting in front of a lonely computer, I realize that I probably blog more because it’s a creative outlet. But that isn’t the entire truth. For most tasks that I set for myself, I do my best to see them through. Blogging is an essential book marketing tool. To that end, I will keep blogging until I admit that my experiment with being an author has completely failed. Hmm… Is that going to be the subject of my last blog?
Or is it that I just like writing about writing? Writing is something that I’m trying to get better at and blogging is one form of the process. As I write these blogs, there is a certain freedom and enjoyment. It is nice to have a mini story arc that has instant closure. I can just take a subject and go without consequence. I also like to write about the writing process. I like the connection to other writers in this very direct way. I suppose that is why artists go to art museums and musicians go to concerts. In general, I do find writing fun and with some luck, it will eventually pay a few bills. I guess, my short answer is that I blog because I like to write.
Is there another reason I am blogging? Do I want to send some message out? Perhaps take down a few people? Matt and Trey described South Park as “a bullhorn to yell at the world” and they utilize South Park to call out arrogant people doing stupid things. I respect that attitude, and I would really like a blog to do just that, but this blog is not the forum for sending out big negative waves to change society. Why? The main reason is that I don’t like to be that negative blog guy. That person who never has anything positive to write about.
Then there are the readers who I intend to attract to perhaps making a book purchase. The people attracted to reading waves of thoughts aren’t going to want to read my books because my they aren’t full of negatives. Then there is the basic Karma. These words can be read by anybody and they probably will be stored on hard drives for all eternality. I want to be remembered for something good.
If I did choose to blog a bunch of negative thoughts (to those bad people who desperately deserve to be hurt by my negative words) it’s likely that I would have a minor amount of success. The result might hurt the very people that anger me. I have never even met these people and my negative words would make a few people sad. That approach is just not me. I’m more of a positive/logical feedback person. Hey, please stop making bad decisions and here is why. In life, people respond better to positive feedback.
Did I ever want to make my negative or controversial voice known? Sure. Like everybody, I have strong opinions. I see the world, my country, state, city and even my block all slowly going in the wrong direction. If I were to yell about all my negative concepts and describe solutions, these rants would contain the same topics of discussion that are popular on conservative talk radio. Granted, I have it in my head that my opinions are better and I can solve all the world’s problems… Yeah, I’m smart enough to know that reality would prove otherwise.
At first, it was difficult to blog and take the time to come up with new ideas. I felt a lot of pressure to be great. When I got over this initial apprehension, it turned out that I really do like to blog and this is a strange new way to communicate. In general, I do find writing fun and with some luck, it will eventually pay a few bills.
There is still a lot of ground that I would like to cover in my blogs. For example, where I see my writing going, what my next books are going to be about and what books I like to read. My future blogs hold a lot of possibilities. I’m not sure how long I can keep this up. The problem is that I have got to get something going that generates some interest in my books. Otherwise, this experiment in writing will have to come to an end. For now, I’m happy to be a nobody author writing about writing all while knowing that not many people are reading my words.

You’re the best -Bill
June 28, 2018

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