Why I Blog
I began blogging with one thought in mind, creating buzz leading to book sales. The problem is that this approach is not working. The last five blogs I wrote got two views on Goodreads.
Well, why am I continuing? As I write this very sentence, I am wondering myself. My only answer is that I write blogs, hoping my diligent effort will eventually work. Einstein described crazy as “doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting a different result.” That is so very true.
As I ponder blogging while sitting in front of a lonely computer, I realize I probably blog more because it is a creative outlet. But that is not the entire truth. For most tasks I set for myself, I do my best to see them through. In addition, blogging is an essential book marketing tool. To that end, I will keep blogging until my experiment to be an author has wholly failed. Hmm… Will that be my last blog?
Or is the reason that I enjoy writing? Writing is an activity I am trying to improve at, and blogging is undoubtedly enjoyable. There is a certain freedom in creating something that has a mini story and closure. Any subject can be written about without consequence. I also like writing about the writing process because I connect with other authors and regular people. I suppose that is why artists go to art museums, and musicians go to concerts. So I guess my short answer is that I blog because I like to write.
Is there another reason? Do I want to send a message to the world? Perhaps take down a few people? Matt and Trey described South Park as “a bullhorn to yell at the world,” and they use South Park to call out arrogant people doing stupid things. While I enjoy their show, my blogging efforts are timid, and I do not wish to send out big harmful waves. Why? That kind of activity is not me, and I do not want to be a negative blogger who never provides positive thoughts. Life is fantastic, and I enjoy being alive!
If I chose to spout out some hate (directed towards those evil people who desperately deserve some), I do not think one of my blogs would accomplish much. Plus, my approach would be positive with logical feedback. “Hey, please stop making poor decisions, and here is why.”
Did I ever want to make my negative voice known? Sure. Like everybody, I have strong opinions. I see the world, my country, my city, and even my block slowly going in the wrong direction. If I were to yell about the problems and describe solutions, these rants would contain the same topics people are discussing. Granted, I have it in my head that my opinions are better and I can solve all the world’s problems… But I am smart enough to know that other intelligent people would tear my arguments apart.
At first, coming up with ideas was difficult because I felt a lot of pressure to be great. When I overcame this initial apprehension, I found blogging was a strange new way to communicate my inner thoughts. Is blogging budget therapy? Umm? Yep.
I have many topics left to cover, including where my writing is going, my upcoming books, and what books I like to read. I know I can make anything happen once I set my mind to the task. I will generate more interest; these blogs are critical to my success. Thanks for reading!

You’re the best -Bill
June 28, 2018 Updated June 05, 2023

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