A Dear Friend Is Sick
Last Thursday morning, I was in the middle of answering an email and my computer made a pop sound. It turned off and when I turned it on, nothing happened. After some investigation, I think the motherboard has failed. I have ordered a replacement on eBay, (for the second time) but the seller has not shipped it.
Fortunately, the prior week, I backed everything up. In addition, the hard drive should work fine. In the meantime, my older computer works fine. So life should be great. Right?
This has been a stressful week and working on another computer has proved challenging. However, that is not the real issue. I miss my computer because it made my life productive and entertaining. Every file was where I wanted it, every program I needed was properly installed, every website bookmarked in the order I wanted and all settings were perfect. Together, we could accomplish any computer related task.
Until this week, I never realized how large a part of my life my computer had become. Using another computer did not fill the void. For example, the simple act of sending and receiving email was difficult. On my computer, Outlook was perfectly configured with all my contacts and old emails properly sorted. When I needed to check my mail, I tried for three days to set it up on my I phone. However, the server address changed and the new server did not go through. I managed to receive email online and send from a different account. I cannot even do a spell check.
With some luck, a new motherboard will fix my issues and my life will be back to normal soon. And perhaps this little adventure will allow me to understand how important my friend is.

You’re the best -Bill
June 09, 2021
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