You Know You
If we ask somebody's opinion, they will answer based on their specific life experiences, observations, and knowledge. Yet, if we ask ten people, the answers will not be the same. What is the correct answer?
The world is full of information, people, history, and mistakes. How is one supposed to get anything done? I have learned to take a stand with my opinions. I begin by listening to others, gather my own data and form my own opinion. The result is a path forward I can follow. There will be experiments, changed decisions, hurt feelings, and mistakes all based on my opinions along this path.
Yet, we understand that is no accepted correct opinion. Who is the best painter? Does that question have a "correct" answer? Let's all vote and come up with one. While this is possible, this solution does not help even if the results agree with your personal preferences.
This is the point where a person has to take a stand on their opinions. "Bill, answer the question: Who is the best artist and why?" "American 80s artist Patrick Nagel because his art looks cool." From my perspective, this is the "correct answer." What about Vermeer, Michelangelo, or Van Gogh? Clearly, they are superior artists to Patrick Nagel. "I can choose whoever I want and like Patrick Nagel! Discussion closed." Am I proud of this opinion? Yes.
The point of this blog is to point out that you are an expert about you. This means you can pick your own favorite artist and feel confident about the decision. I see this as a source of strength. Even at our worst moments, knowing ourselves better than anybody can brighten even the dullest day.

You’re the best -Bill
May 26, 2021

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