Four Blog Ideas
My list of blog ideas has run dry. I have covered writing, outlines, plots, editing, other books, movies, publishing, and characters. I even rehashed old topics and studied my blogging process.
There are topics I avoided, such as family/personal life/beliefs/mistakes. Plus, I avoided the subjects I did not think my four blog readers would not enjoy. Does anybody want to discuss current sensors?
To kick start the process, I challenged myself to come up with four new ideas. I began by drawing four enormous squares on my whiteboard. When I came up with an idea, I put a red X through the box. I have used this method in the past to keep me focused and provide a mental reward.
The best time for developing an idea is during a bike ride or that magical time before sleep. The difficulty occurs when I try to remember the ideas. To help, I use the memo pad on my phone and a pad of paper next to my bed. However, my late-night ideas are hard to read and confusing.
Not all ideas make the grade. Foremost, an idea needs to be enjoyable to me. Writing should be fun. One failed example was writing a manifesto? “I am Bill. Here are my rules! Live by them or else!” For some, this writing exercise might be inspirational, but a “Bill manifesto” is not an exercise I wish to undertake. Plus, can you imagine a world following my rules? An inventor killed by his own creation? On the plus side, music from the band Rush would be on every radio station. Hmm. Perhaps I should write a manifesto?
After three days, I came up with the following four topics:
To Cuss or Not?
A New Type of Book
Is Writing My Therapy?
Ultimate Nuke
Bonus>> Conspiracy Theories
Personal goals are great for growth and focus. Besides, my four blog readers now have a preview.

You’re the best -Bill
February 03, 2021

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