What Makes Me Unique
While researching book generators, I came across a list of potential blog topics. The idea “What Makes Me Unique” sounded intriguing. I have a conservative personality, and this means I resist bragging or drawing attention to myself. Yet, it thought it would be an excellent personal growth exercise to push this envelope. In this effort, I will attempt to enlighten readers in a non-egotistical manner.
My four blog readers know that I consider myself an average person—a middle-aged male who lives in a large city with a wife and daughter. For fun, I mountain bike, hike, and buy junk at the swap meet. Overall, my life is not too exciting, but I enjoy it every day.
What about exciting events or circumstances that make me stand out? I have had a few notable events. I was SCUBA diving during an earthquake. However, I am sure that everybody has at least one important story, and I feel my circumstances do not make me unique.
I must confess that my Engineering skills are noteworthy. I have a genuine gift, and I appreciate my engineering mind. If being gifted unique? I suppose it would be if I were a talented painter or noted inventor that would make me stand out.
I must conclude that my writing ability does in deem make me unique. Few people dare to publish fiction. Some might create stories without showing them to anybody, make YouTube videos, or update their Facebook entries. It takes a bold person to put themselves up against established authors and take the criticism.
What makes my words unique? What is my hook? Hmm. I gave this matter a lot of thought and determined that I am a logical person who thinks a lot about life. I spend most of my time thinking about technology. The rest covers people, entertainment, business, logic, history, plots, events, and life. I channel these unique thoughts into writing.
I believe the result is truly unique. My ideas are realistic, relatable, and entertaining. On a personal level, I enjoy my creations. The few people that have read my material seem to agree.
Is there a scale for unique creations? Am I a 5 or a 10? I do not feel that we can measure creativity. However, we all recognize when something is special.

You’re the best -Bill
January 06, 2021

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