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It has been a few years since I started writing, and I have lots of material to look back on. In a previous blog, I discussed what legacy I wish to leave:
I did not discuss what impact I hope my work makes. I suppose the answer depends on the reader's perspective. We have a near-infinite number of books at our disposal, and a variety wrote them of authors.
Some writers desire fame, money, happiness, or change. For example, the author might write a religious book to enlighten their readers. The author of an electronics textbook would hope their readers make the world a better place through improved electrical knowledge. The science fiction writer might wish to expand the reader's imagination. Perhaps a romance author hopes their readers lead a more romantic life.
Of course, authors may have ulterior motives. One might wish their readers to vote for a specific candidate or take on their opinion. Another author might want to slander a group or expose a lie.
Not all books are serious, and I have found that authors wish to entertain rather than persuade. Many writers do not care what their readers think. An author might live in a bubble and not consider the reader to be part of the process.
What should my readers come away with? My primary goal is to entertain. A secondary goal would be to have them think about this world and themselves. Of course, it would be nice to make a few bucks and have my readers recommend my work.
Do I wish to change the world for the better? Of course, but my books will not accomplish this worthy task. What about my blogs? They are more thought-provoking and educational. For example, my last blog discussed generators, and I hope my efforts educated my four readers.
Perhaps my blogs will inspire a few readers. Or is this wishful thinking, and my blogs only provide fluff entertainment? Hmm. Something to think about. (Entertainingly, of course.) Is making something entertaining a worthy goal? I think so, and I hope that I entertained you today.

You’re the best -Bill
December 30, 2020

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