My Comfort Zone
It is natural to stay within our comfort zone because it provided us with this built-in safety feature. However, I am sure my four blog readers know people who regularly go outside their comfort zone. Skydivers, for example. It’s no secret that I am a conservative person and have a small comfort zone. Granted, I have been skydiving once, ride 4-wheelers every two years, drive a little faster than I should, and occasionally SCUBA dive.
Would I like to be less conservative? Hmm. Tricky answer. Yes, but I do not want to put too much effort into this area. That is the conservative part of my mind fighting with the fun center.
What is the most significant area I want to explore? I want to start my own business. Why is this activity so difficult to approach? It would involve spending lots of money, hiring people, and potential large-scale failure.
My comfort zone has shrunk since I had a daughter. I can no longer risk my life for silly thrills. No tree climbing for me. While I miss the freedom, I still want to push the envelope. For example, I would like to drive a race car. On a closed track with full safety gear, of course.
One extensive area that I shattered my comfort zone is writing. Before exploring that topic, let me discuss what writing comfort zones I have already breached. Before writing a book, I made only one significant attempt to publicize my writing. I submitted two jokes to the newsgroup rec.humor.funny

In searching for these jokes, I found it amusing many people claimed my joke as their own. Clearly, these were minor publicity attempts. That all changed when I published my first book. Since that time, I wrote 138 blog entries, interacted on Facebook, and developed a web page. Quite an enormous leap into unknown territory.
It has not all been positive. There have been adverse reactions and low sales. Yikes, Bill is on the loose. However, for every negative experience, I have gotten at least ten positive responses. I have to keep reminding myself of that fact.
Clearly, I will not stop this runaway train. The question is: How to switch tracks into more dangerous territory? What writing comfort zone will I breach next?
At present, I am editing four books with plans for six more in the same series. I also have a collection of short stories that I might turn into a book.
What new writing adventure would open me up? I want to write a traditional romance novel and a script. Yikes, Bill is playing with fire!
When is that going to happen? Umm… Let’s start a business first.

You’re the best -Bill
November 25, 2020

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