In college, my friends and I watched movies every Wednesday night at the pub. (It was not really a pub, but we still called it a pub.) The place had a widescreen projection television that only looked good from a specific viewing angle connected to a low-quality VCR. More than once, they called the event off because the system did not work.
One night, they showed The Princess Bride. I had not been looking forward to watching that particular movie because of its lousy previews. However, I attended to be social, and because my roommate insisted.
Wow, what a fantastic movie. Since then, I have seen it at least 20 times, and I still enjoy every scene. But that is also a problem because I will never experience the same joy of seeing it for the first time.
How great would it be to watch that movie with a fresh perspective? Unfortunately, baring a major brain injury, we cannot uninvent watching a movie. Our only option is to create a new movie and hope it will be good.
What about an awful movie? After it debuts, we will forget it ever existed. Is that like uninventing? Perhaps. However, some people will remember it, and that is the point. A book, movie, or play will always be remembered. Even a shoddy work will leave an imprint that can never be undone.
There is hope. My daughter and I recently watched The Princess Bride. She loved it and quoted lines from the movie. I suppose that is as close to “uninventing” that the human mind can accept.

You’re the best -Bill
Setember 03, 2020

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