Lonely Writing
How do authors develop new stories? Inspiration comes in many forms, like a speeding car inspiring a racing story. I come up with my best ideas while riding my bike.
Once the idea is present, a writer has to put it down on paper. There are helpful aids like outlines or index cards, but writing is a solitary process consisting of thinking, writing on paper, and typing. I have tried dictation programs, but there is no substitute for a keyboard.
Writing requires immense effort and focus. Distractions are everywhere, and discipline is essential. Like every endeavor, the process improves with experience.
The essence of writing is mentally organizing thoughts in solitude, and it requires the proper mindset. Now is the time to write. Stop thinking about other things.
I enjoy writing, and I feel privileged to have the opportunity. However, this lonely process presents a paradox. Writers often write about people. It would seem that a writer could bypass the process and interact with people. I suppose characters become “human” interaction, but they are no substitute for the real thing.
Part of the appeal to writing is that the act can be done in solitude. If I need a friend, I can create one. Is this a crutch? Possibly. A few dedicated writers probably need to get out more often.
As I close this blog in solitude, I look around a room and see that I am the only person occupying it. In an hour, I will make dinner and serve it to my family. I look forward to that activity. As for my characters, they will be right where I left them. Are they waiting for me in anticipation? Are they lonely? No, I made sure their lives are full of adventure.

You’re the best -Bill
August 19, 2020

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